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Meditrich 100 Tabs

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Meditrich 100 Tabs 100 Tabs

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Meditrich Tablets for Pigeons and Raptors – Trichomoiasis Treatment

Meditrich is one of the safest and the effective treatment for Trichomoniasis in pigeons and raptors. It is just a single dose treatment that protects birds against dreadful effects of cropcanker. Meditrich contains a specially formulated Metronidazole. The chemical in its original form is not soluble in water. But the unique technique applied by MedPet that coats Metronidazole with a special coating makes it water soluble and also overcomes the problem of regurgitation. Just one tablet of Meditrich helps in treating 93% of Trichomoniasis cases.





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24 Oct ,2017

Meditrich 100 Tabs for Birds

Good Product


Meditrich 100 Tabs

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